Post Election - Which Way Forward in the Fight

Agenda - November 5th, 2020

Opening Plenary with Kendra Johnson

Post Election - Which Way Forward in the Fight

Taking stock of what we know so far. How do we see ourselves in this moment in terms of challenges and opportunities? How do we hold ourselves in this moment?

So here we are. Two days after national elections and the rod ahead will likely be tough. Regardless of the outcome, far right political violence, personal fatigue and community power will be high on the American agenda. How should we bid this moment and what does it tell us about how we build a world where Black America no longer has to fear for democracy’s growth and survival.

Session I 

Understanding the Narrative and What to Do With It

Communication, manipulating the vote with disinformation.


False information is intended to mislead. From manipulating the vote to targeting often marginalized communities, disinformation has wrecked havoc on civil rights gains in the U.S. How does disinformation work? This discussion will explore these issues and offer recommendations. 

Session II 

Providing Tools in Rapid Response in the Post-Election

Health, sustainability, and leadership, how do we talk about it?

Closing Plenary with Maurice Mitchell

The Next 90 Days: What it means to Safeguard the Black Community 

What opportunities are now present? How do folks plug themselves in? How crucial is it to do so now? 


The elections were two days ago and as the country wrestles with the outcomes, it’s time to stock of what civil rights leaders should be carefully considering about the road ahead.  This is a look at issue priorities for Black social movements working to defend democracy.


Brooks and Ward recently wrote an opinion piece addressing the issues being raised during this three part SPLC virtual convening.


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